summer spotlight series

8 min read

Summer Spotlight Series: Natalie Van Unen

This month we sat down with Foundery5 client Natalie Van Unen, founder and CEO of One Health, a nutrition brand that offers an all-in-one plant based protein and nutrition powder designed to help people live a healthy life. 

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7 min read

Summer Spotlight Series: Thereasa Black

For the second installment of our Summer Spotlight Series, we sat down with Thereasa Black, founder and CEO of Bon Appesweet, a vegan artisanal chocolate bar brand that uses dates as sweeteners and has zero added sugars and zero sugar alcohols. 

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5 min read

Summer Spotlight Series: Laura Brooks

Welcome to our Summer Spotlight Series, where we’ll be sharing stories from incredible and inspiring founders and CEOs all summer long. Starting and running your own business can be a grueling and often isolating job. By sharing the stories of founders...

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